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Bypass Engagement Rings in Ontario

While we’re all very familiar with the shape of a traditional engagement ring, sometimes a little flair is necessary to make our unique band stand out amongst all the others. Introducing bypass engagement rings, a great alternative to the classic shank. Instead of the shank meeting at the center stone in a linear fashion, it follows its namesake and bypasses it to form a shape of its own.

Here at Precision Jewelers we offer a wonderful variety of bypass engagement rings in wonderful expressions and at different price points. From New York City, brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel from the renowned company Gabriel & Co. have been crafting quality rings for over 30 years, and we are humbled to provide you with their selection of bypass rings.

Perhaps our simplest expression of the style, this 14k Rose Gold Engagement Ring still features some lovely curvature. The bones of the engagement ring are a classic straight style, with four prongs and round cut diamonds lining the band all the way down. The added ornamentation, however, comes into play with two sleek shanks coming out of the base shank and following its own path across the band to the other side of the diamond.

As both make their way around to the opposite side, they peek upwards and turn into two prongs, with the other two prongs stemming from a singular segment that crosses the diamond from underneath the band and peeks out in contrasting points as the remaining two prongs. At first glance, the ring as a whole seems simple, but upon second gaze its intricacies are definitely something to be amazed by.

Slightly a little more deconstructed than the former, this 14k White and Pink Gold Engagement Ring approaches the style in a more delicate fashion. A thinner shank, the base of this band also abides by a classic straight style and has a singular row of diamond studs occupying the majority of space along the shank.

On diagonally opposite sides of the center stone, a sleek rose gold segment forms out of the studded band and gracefully curves towards the center stone and wraps around it from both ends. On the profile, the elegance in the rose gold shank is as bright and vivid as a brush stroke across a painting.

In a similar fashion, this band also plays with the contrast of two tone in a more bold approach. Firstly, the shank features diamonds in a channel setting going all the way down, with the added textural element of beading lining both edges throughout the entirety of the band. Regarding the rose gold shanks, Gabriel & Co. has opted for a more statement look with this band, as they wrap around the center stone in the same flat fashion as the band instead of the twisted look of the previous ring.

Not exactly wrapping all the way around, the rose gold shanks are also studded with diamonds, giving off the appearance and focal point on the center stone that a halo setting would.


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